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Never have I met someone so determined to do things right while putting your health and safety above all at the same time.”

I’ve always been a fairly athletic guy, but never knew how to go from there to building some real muscle. Raul mentored me all the way from zero to get up on the stage and be totally rocking it!

Whatever your goal is, I am 100% sure he can help you achieve it.

Edgar Vidal

“Raul’s reputation precedes him. He’s extremely professional and passionate about his work. He knows exactly how to get you motivated.”

I’ve trained with Raul in two different opportunities. I honestly can’t be happier with the results.

My end goal is to participate in the bikini fitness contest and so far I’m amazed with my progress.
The key is to stay motivated. Raul knows this and he’s been great at keeping me in the zone!

Samantha Maldonado

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